Rainbow Bridge Meditation

faceted-jewelA meditation to link with the soul

Please see my talk on the Rainbow Bridge on this website and the accompanying handout for more information on the Rainbow Bridge teachings and techniques, as well as the other page on this site: Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge Phase I book, by “Two Disciples” (Norman and Josephine Stevens) came out in 1975, and soon became a key book of the growing New Age movement. It summarized the esoteric knowledge presented through Theosophy and Alice A. Bailey, highlighting our true nature as Souls.  It then took the next step of presenting meditation and visualization techniques to help clear the bodies (physical, emotional, and mental) of the ancient thoughtforms that hinder the flow of love, light, and life.

The Rainbow Bridge Phase II book, which includes the techniques in the first book, added techniques for working with the Soul to directly interact with and destroy those ancient patterns. These techniques accelerate the evolution of Soul consciousness in the individual, and were introduced by the spiritual leadership of the planet due to the urgency of the world situation. There is a great opportunity for humanity now, both for a step forward into a better world, or to fall back on old ways of suffering.

I have found the techniques to be of great benefit, and have used them regularly for nearly 40 years. Along the way I have been part of or lead many Rainbow Bridge meditation groups. Working in a group can increase the effectiveness, safety, and power of the techniques. Here is an outline of a group or individual meditation: Rainbow Bridge Meditation Outline, and the accompanying mantram sheet: Rainbow Bridge Mantrams

This animation is based on the book Rainbow Bridge Visualization, Phase 1 – “Link with the Soul”, written by Two Disciples. It shows the key points of a Rainbow Bridge meditation:

  • Identification with the soul – the Soul Star over the head brightens
  • Saying the Soul Mantram: “I am the Soul, I am the light divine, I am love, I am will, I am fixed design”. Downpours of energy move through the central channel, and energy points light up as these lines are spoken.
  • Connection with the group – lines of light are visualized to connect the Soul Star to each other Soul Star in the group.
  • Connection of the Soul Star to the group Soul Star
  • Linking to other groups and individuals on the  Path
  • Linking to the network of light that surrounds the planet
  • (Symbolically represented)
    • Linking to Hierarchy, the heart center of the planet
    • Linking to Christ
    • Linking to Shamballa, the head center of the planet
  • Visualization to clear the Central Channel with the Soul Star
    • A week or two might  be spent on each triangle, clearing the channel in sections. Note the debris in the field, produced by the clearing of blockages.
  • Visualizing/invoking the Spiritual Vortex to clear the field

2 thoughts on “Rainbow Bridge Meditation

  1. I am so happy to have found your site. I am re-visiting my Spiritual Science background and the Alice Bailey books, reconnecting with these philosophies and the art of meditation. Thank you.

    Anna Joyce Star

  2. I am located in Vancouver, Canada. I am new to the Rainbow Bridge and would like to join a group. Can anybody connect me with any meetings or groups in my area.

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