The Rainbow Bridge

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The Rainbow Bridge books were published beginning in 1975. They were forerunner books for the New Age movement. The authors, now deceased, wanted no attention for themselves, and went by “Two Disciples”.  Their names were Norman and Josephine Stevens. Josephine was Alice A. Bailey’s personal secretary for a number of years, and Norman served on the board of the Arcane School.

These teachings are:

  • About working with and identifying with the Soul in each of us
  • Anchored in the presentations of esoteric knowledge by Alice A. Bailey and Theosophy
  • Based on experimental and experiental work by the authors with a “prototype” group
  • About using the methods of visualization, evocation, invocation, as part of meditation
  • Designed for both individual and group work, with guidelines for forming groups
  • Designed to assist in purifying the personality, in preparation for full identification with the Soul.

Norman and Josephine had unique gifts to combine in creating these teachings. Norman had a scientific approach, having studied physics at MIT in the early part of the last century, yet was a spiritual seeker all of his long life. Josephine had objective awareness of the etheric and emotional fields around people, and could describe them in great detail. They tried many of the spiritual techniques of their times and evaluated them for effectiveness.

Please see the following page for more information, a meditation guide, and an animation showing the visualizations.
The meditation

I also have a talk on this website: The Rainbow Bridge

3 thoughts on “The Rainbow Bridge

  1. Hi Stanton,

    Thank you so much for continuing this work. My younger brother came across the books in our parents library and shared them with me. We have both had powerful experiences practicing on our own. After seeing your recent YouTube videos (my brother actually randomly decided to search for Rainbow Bridge the same day you posted them), we are curious if there is an active practice group here in Los Angeles that you know of.

    Super best wishes to you and for all that you do, thank you.

    Elyse Poppers

  2. First it must be said that everyone doing work for hylozoics is creating the future. But serious students must understand that this knowledge is only for those few, initiated in the Ancient Esoteric Orders. The first time in history the members of the 5th kingdom give facts straight for all men. -Of course just a few can understand it, others may consider it a hypothesis. It is 100-200 years ahead of its time. HPB and AAB could only hint of this knowledge. Now a small part can be read of it. – Its practice is Light technology. All one needs for discipleship and far beyond are in HTL´s books. But the system and its understanding is crucial. We are grateful of this gift from the Elders.

  3. These days we get help from our Augoeides, when forming the bridge. Mental selves can from 47:5 get connected to 47:3, from 47:4 to 47:2. and then to 47:1 in the 2nd triad. As a perfect causal self, the monad has also some 46- and 45-consciousness. A teacher, a 45-self, takes them under his guidance. Thus a direct line of energy is formed: the disciples get all from their teacher, and he, being a third self, can consult 44- and 43-selves, who have access to the planetary government (sometimes inaccurately called “Shamballa”). To be a disciple is not easy. The Hierarchy needs co-workers on the physical plane. Certain skills and qualities must have been acquired.

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