Sharing Esoterics

How to Share the Esoteric Information

(In answer to the following paraphrased question):

Hello! I have a question for you, and anyone else who has an answer/opinion on the matter. First off, thank you for the videos and what you do! My life has truly changed since I found this stuff a couple months ago. I mean that sincerely. Okay, I want to tell certain people, family, etc about this, but just when I am emailing them, I cannot hit the send button, and I abort the email.

Something inside me says they won’t listen and I will be ridiculed, and most of all, something inside tells me they need to find out for themselves as I did. They are not seekers like me so that would most likely mean they will never “get it” in this incarnation. On the flip side, I feel guilty about withholding the info as well. What would you do? Thanks!

What a great question! Thanks for asking it.

I will first quote Don Baker’s reply here for everyone’s benefit, I think it is good:

“Thanks for your inquiry. I have thought a lot about this very thing, as I occasionally talk with friends about how things are viewed from an esoteric perspective. And it can very quickly begin to sound like science fiction when one has no understanding or foundation in the esoteric beliefs like Laurency’s Hylozoics. I sometimes preface it by saying something like “this is what I’ve been studying. Just consider it, I’m not suggesting you believe me.”

Some have searched through religion, philosophy, science, and other teachings for answers, and not been satisfied with what they have found. Discovering Esoterics/Hylozoics and a source like Henry T. Laurency can be life-changing event. The missing pieces of the puzzle fall into place, the veil of ignorance of higher worlds, life beyond death, our true nature as humans, that veil is torn away. It is no longer just faith and hope; logic and reason can apply this new information and we can prove for ourselves the truth of it through choices in our lives. Of course we want share this huge discovery, and Laurency often points out that special knowledge, such as that of esoterics, (in other words, of reality itself) has special responsibility attached. To know and not share knowledge is like receiving love but not loving others. So I very much understand why you want to share, it is a good impulse. On the other hand, Laurency warns about offering the teachings to those who aren’t ready. It can actually cause them to build reaction complexes that interfere with their ability to receive the knowledge when the time is right.

Why does someone seek the information? For me, for most, it is because they know deep down that it exists. They know that the answers offered by conventional sources don’t add up, are contradictory, illogical, and are often guesses or worse. They know because in a previous incarnation they were part of a mystery school, some esoteric order, where they learned and recognized the truth of what they were taught. For them it is not so much learning esoterics in this lifetime, it is rediscovering it. These are the people who can benefit from esoterics in this lifetime, and are the ones I am determined to help by offering them the information. Others may be curious, may even be able to comprehend what is said, but will not experience the sense of revelation and won’t get much out of the information.

The first impulse, to send the information out to family, friends, even co-workers, should be reconsidered. How many of them have actually made an effort to know? Even more important, have they struggled with what has been offered to them by various religious, and other presentations and seen through them? Many are quite content with basic Christian presentations, not even noticing that the Old Testament and New Testament refer to contradictory concepts of God. If a religion is giving them what they need for a wholesome faith in Christ and the ultimate goodness of life, and they are working towards ideals of brotherhood, tolerance, and other virtues, then don’t interfere with their “life view.” “Don’t mess with happy,” as the saying goes. You can actually hurt people by disrupting their belief systems. The planetary hierarchy was very concerned about this when re-introducing the esoteric facts in 1875 through H. P. Blavatsky, and limited the initial presentation severely. When the educated of the times rejected the facts so thoroughly, and declared HBP a fraud, they saw that the disruption wouldn’t happen and allowed more facts to be released.

Naturally, the information should be offered to those who would benefit, and to seekers who sincerely ask you for it. This usually means as part of a dialog with an individual, not an email to a group. Here are some guidelines for determining whether it is a good idea to share esoterics with someone. Don’t be disappointed if you have to “leave them in the dark,” that is usually the case. It is very important not to spoil someone’s chance to learn at the right time.
One thing that helps in all relationships: Be curious! Learn about the person!

• Do they have a spiritual practice, such as meditation?
• Do they revere individuals, such as gurus and authorities, or books, without understanding that it is the teaching and ideas that are important, not the means or individuals by which they are presented?
• What questions are they asking of life? What mysteries hold their attention, and get them thinking?
• Are they currently fixated on a belief system that they haven’t seen through yet, like materialistic science, distorted Christianity, Marxism, fanaticism of any kind? Let them work their way through it, offering help only if they ask for it, and then only in seeing the beliefs as they are.
• Though some skepticism is healthy, rejecting everything beyond agreed-upon physical reality shows that they are not ready. Atheism gets its energy from being anti-religion; most atheists emotionally reject religion and are therefore still in its power. Overly scientific types must follow that path for some time before they realize that scientific physical materialism is cold-hearted, and empty of real meaning.
• Some people find their way to esoterics because they have looked, not found, and MUST KNOW! Is this person driven by that need? I love to help these people; I was one of them.
• What are their motives? Do they understand the ideal of service, that we are all in this together? Do they have compassion for the suffering? Egoists want the facts, too, in order to acquire irresponsible personal power.
• Have they come to some degree of acceptance of reincarnation and karma (sowing and reaping)? These are basics in esoterics; no one will make sense of life without them. If they reject these things, they are not ready.
• Do they face facts about life, about themselves, or do they live in fantasies, drugs, dreams, drama? Common sense, honesty, self-discipline, and a practical approach to life are essential to the esoteric path. It is also necessary to be able to think clearly without emotion clouding how and what you think.
• Would they rather teach you about the latest popular systems, techniques, etc, than listen to something new?
• Are they afraid of life, or new ideas, or being thought foolish if they think differently than the crowd? The truth can be terrifying, and most people live more comfortably in generally accepted fictions. Many are not ready to face the fact that all of our circumstances are our creation/responsibility. There is no one out there to blame.

Never make promises regarding the esoteric teachings. I feel sorry for the gurus who have told others that they could enlighten them; they commit themselves to a much bigger responsibility than they realize, possibly involving many lifetimes. It is also important to have no attachment to people’s response. I know a beautiful soul who does great service in the world, yet had no use for the teachings that I offered him. I think that he is on the path to sainthood, one of the steps along the way, where mental conceptions are gradually set aside so as not to block a direct connection with the Soul. But once that has been achieved, maybe in a monastery, the individual has to get back to work on building an accurate mental conception of life, and has to rejoin the struggle to live in the thick of the world’s confusion and help others through it. Maybe I will have a chance to offer the information to him again then, in another lifetime.

I have offered the teachings to only a few individuals personally, and instead have taken a risk in putting them out to my small live audiences and larger internet audience. Hopefully, those who aren’t ready don’t get very far into my talks before they wander off, mentally or physically! But when I hear from someone like you, I am very glad that I took the risk. Thanks for the great question.