The Rainbow Bridge

pdf fileThe Rainbow Bridge
A talk by Stanton Stevens, based on the teachings in the book “The Rainbow Bridge” by Two Disciples. Given at the Theosophical Library, Seattle, WA – February 22, 2015

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More information on this topic is here: The Rainbow Bridge


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  1. I have been studying estoteric teachings for 40 yrs. Twenty years ago, I was guided to study the teachings of Joshua David Stone of The I Am University. Now I have finally come to the point where I want to do world service, not only sending Light, etc. I am now guided to pursue the Rainbow Bridge triangulation. I have known about the Rainbow Bridge but now I have begun the exercise. Your information is MOST helpful. Thank you sooooooo much. I moved to Las Vegas NV about three years ago. However, I haven’t found any like minded souls. Perhaps this isn’t the place to ask but I will ask anyway this question: Do you know of any groups in the area I could get in touch with in order to pursue the Light together? If not, so be it but the first step is asking as you know. Thanks again!!!

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