Beyond Human – The Next Kingdom in Nature

pdf fileBeyond Human – The Next Kingdom in Nature
Stanton Stevens gave this talk at the Theosophical Library in Seattle on June 8, 2014.

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2 thoughts on “Beyond Human – The Next Kingdom in Nature

  1. What about the Demiurge and the evil forces that cause us all this heartache on earth. I noticed you never talked about the evil side manipulating and controlling us. It seems to me we are in a chess game and are used as pawns. It also seems that we are in a Matrix that these evil beings are feeding off our negative energy after they manipulate us to be negative, by creating evil circumstances that we arn’t aware of. Please share your understanding about these issues. Thank you.

  2. Brian – I address the nature of evil in my talk “The Great Truths and the Great Lies”. There is definitely a lot going on that we are unaware of, good and bad. There are powerful people who want power and to control others above all else, and sacrifice their own humanity in the process. But their power is limited in three ways:
    1. They manipulate humanity through our lowest emotional nature, appealing to greed, blind nationalism, anger about injustice or whatever that is bottled up, etc. Individuals who operate from the higher levels of emotionality, such as admiration, affection, altruistic love can not be manipulated this way. When all of humanity refines its emotionality, the “evil” people will lose their power.
    2. The bad ones are the agents of reaping, whether they know it or not. If we have planted the seeds of hatred, they will help us harvest them. They are powerless against those who do not have bad karma to reap. But their role in reaping is one reason that members of the next kingdom are not allowed to destroy them.
    3. They are actively opposed by advanced humanity and the next kingdom, are powerless against members of the next kingdom, and can never attain that level of power themselves, since it requires unity and brotherhood to make the jump.

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