Henry T. Laurency

books“Henry T. Laurency” is the pseudonym for a Swedish esoterician of the last century. He wrote a number of books about the esoteric philosophy of “Hylozoics”, as first introduced by Pythagoras. They are unique among literature, and in my opinion are the clearest presentation of the esoteric facts of reality currently available.

You can read all of his books online at: http://www.laurency.com.

Most of my talks are based on Laurency’s teachings. My grandfather discovered these teachings in the last years of his life in Sweden, and introduced them to me. I think that Laurency is the “… disciple of rare capability in Sweden” that Alice A. Bailey referred to in A Treatise on White Magic, p. 80.

His presentation is Western, meaning direct and with a material basis. It is fact-oriented, and uses as few Sanskrit terms as possible. Instead of referring to the different worlds or levels of consciousness with words that have been applied haphazardly in other teachings, he simply numbers them, and refers to them by number. For example, the physical plane is world 49, the emotional (astral) world 48, and the 5th subplane of the emotional world is 48:5. Levels of consciousness are referred to by the number of the world:subplane that they function on. It simplifies and clarifies.

As part of his direct presentation, he critiques all the major philosophies and religions, cutting right to their core agreements or disagreements with the esoteric realities. It has saved me a lifetime of pondering obtuse philosophical and theological writings.

I can’t recommend his teachings enough!