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The purpose of my website is to share what I have found over many years of studying the esoteric teachings of Henry T. Laurency, Alice A. Bailey, and Theosophy. Over the last several years I have given a number of talks about esoterics, now posted on this website via youtube. The links are below, along with links to the handouts from the talks. If you would like an introduction to esoterics, I recommend that you read the transcript to my talk on Reincarnation and Karma, two key esoteric principles. The link is below.

Esoteric PoliticsHandoutMarch 19, 2017
Esoteric Relationships, Handout, December 4, 2016
Reincarnation and Karma, Handout, February 28, 2016 (this is a pdf transcript of the talk, since the microphone didn’t work.)
The Rainbow Bridge, Handout, February 22, 2015
The Great Truths and the Great Lies,  Handout, September 28, 2014 
Beyond Human: The Next Kingdom in Nature,  Handout, June 8, 2014
Esoteric History,  Handout, March 23, 2014
Truth vs Nonsense,  Handout, December 8, 2013
Our Role in the Plan for HumanityHandout, November 4, 2012
Esoteric Christianity,  Handout, June 10, 2012
The Soul in EsotericsHandout, February 12, 2012
God’s Will is “You Choose”, Handout, October 30, 2011
Love in Esoterics May 1, 2011

It is always my intention to help people find the treasure trove of information that I base my talks on. You can find most of it online these days. Here are links for the three primary sources:

Henry T. Laurency  – The clearest presentation of esoteric philosophy and Hylozoics for Western minds, with minimal use of Sanskrit and other terminology. This material filled in many gaps for me, and is a continual source of inspiration.

Alice A. Bailey – These books are for advanced students, to be interpreted through intuition. This presentation comes directly from those beyond-human beings given the job of teaching humanity.

Theosophy –  This is the original re-introduction of the esoteric knowledge to the public. Familiarity with Laurency first is recommended, due to the dated terminology and language in this material. The best authors for clarity and fact content are C. W. Leadbeater and A.E. Powell. The books are online in various places. You’ll have to search for them, or visit your nearest Theosophical library or bookstore (Quest).

I also recommend the following website as an introduction. It includes my articles on Reincarnation and Karma, which are also on this website.
Esoteric Law

The book “The Science of Sprituality”, by Lee Bladon, is the only book that I know of besides those at that draws on Henry Laurency’s teachings. It does a good job covering a range of esoteric topics.

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  1. I was fishing about for info on zodiacs and viola! looking through your handouts I found the Laurency writing about our Epic. Great to find it. Any other places I should look to piece together the significance of the zodiac or astrology symbols from Laurency or Bailey? Thanks for your efforts.

    1. In my opinion, the information best aligned with reality comes from Henry T. Laurency and Alice A. Bailey, with dated yet unique contributions from Blavatsky, Besant, and Leadbeater of the Theosophists. AAB has an entire book on “Esoteric Astrology”. My favorite source of readable information about astrology is AAB’s book “The Labours of Hercules”, which ties each labor to a sign of the zodiac.

  2. Hello,
    I just wanted to drop in a show my appreciation. I’ve been on a long journey of discovering the esoterics. I first found the “Esoteric Christianity” presentation on youtube, and I’ve watched all but “Beyond Human.” I so glad that you give your reading list, and encourage the listener to investigate things themselves. Thank you for your contributions to the brotherhood of humanity.

    Take care,


    1. Thank you, William! I give these talks in hopes of them being useful in just the way they have been to you.

  3. Hello Stanton, I discovered Laurency, and Adelskogh nearly two years ago and I have been studying and absorbing this self evident truth (“causal” I guess) ever since.

    I have arrived at many epiphanies throughout my life, but not until after studying Hylozoics did all the puzzle pieces fall into place.

    I can’t describe to you enough, how wonderful it was to watch your videos, and see this information presented so eloquently. Trying to explain Hylozoics to people in this age is very difficult, but you have achieved this in a very gentle and non confronting way. Thanks to you, I no longer feel so isolated in my beliefs.


  4. Thank you, Ken, I am really encouraged when I get feedback like yours. However many people may listen, the ones I can help the most are the ones who, like you, already know these truths from previous lives but need to contact the information again somehow in this lifetime to re-awaken the latent knowledge.

  5. I’m thrilled to have come upon these wonderful talks on esoterics. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and articulating so well. I am hungry for answers and want to know my soul.

  6. Dear Stanton!

    Thank You for Your Fantastic work and releasing Your Amazing and so Interresting videos.

    Thanx and Bless You!!

  7. Hello, I was totally lost in the last few weeks, going through what one might call “a dark night of the soul”. I felt completely empty and confused. Suddenly I found an old, old book in my library titled “The Rainbow Bridge”. I don’t remember if I had read in the 80s or not, but the book completely “renewed” me. I feel like I am on the path again and actually doing something about my spirituality and something for humanity as a whole. Then I researched this title and found your site. Thank you so much for bringing this work forward again. I will watch your videos with much enthusiasm and I’m grateful for a light in my path.

  8. I have just discovered your videos on YouTube, thank you! I found out about the writings of Laurency about 6 months ago, although I cant remember how exactly. I am in the process of reading his work. Since a young age I always thought there was a greater meaning to life and that the human experience is not all of it, I also remember as a child being stood infront of a mirror and thinking the reflection was not really me, these writings seem to explain what I have felt all along. One thing I cannot find anything on is natural law however, I am not sure if he covered them or if they are another name for what he has deemed laws of life?

  9. I just discovered your talks on YouTube while searching for information related to RB and the Stevens’ work. I was part of the Light Wave group and acted as secretary to its leaders back in the early 80’s. I am on the second video now on Henry T. Laurency whom I was not aware of until your talk. Thank you for doing a fantastic job.

  10. I just wanted to say thank you for all of this material and the videos. I was shown this stuff by a friend I know on a forum we frequent. Great stuff.

  11. Hello! I asked this question to Mr. Don Baker and he also suggested that I ask you!

    I have a question for you Mr. Baker, and to anyone else who has an answer/opinion on the matter. First off, thank you for the videos and what you do! My life has truly changed since I found this stuff a couple months ago. I mean that sincerely. Okay, I want to tell certain people, family, etc about this, but just when I am emailing them, I cannot hit the send button, and I abort the email.

    Something inside me says they wont listen and I will be ridiculed, and most of all, something inside tells me they need to find out for themselves as I did. They are not seekers like me so that would most likely mean they will never “get it” in this incarnation. On the flip side, I feel guilty about withholding the info as well. What would you do? Thanks!

    1. This is a great question! Let me first quote Don Baker’s reply here for everyone’s benefit, I think it is good:

      “Thanks for your inquiry. I have thought a lot about this very thing, as I occasionally talk with friends about how things are viewed from an esoteric perspective. And it can very quickly begin to sound like science fiction when one has no understanding or foundation in the esoteric beliefs like Laurency’s hylozoics. I sometimes preface it by saying something like “this is what I’ve been studying. Just consider it, I’m not suggesting you believe me.”

      I am writing up a page on this question, and will post a further reply here about it within a few days.

          1. Thanks so much for the response. Very well thought out and written! Makes perfect sense to me. I wish I had more to add but I do not right now other than I will just take it easy for now about sharing things with certain people.

            Glad I read your response before I made any type of decision. 🙂 Take care and I look forward to reading more on here an in general!

  12. Hi Stanton
    Great videos, informative and inspiring. Have you read “The Science of Spirituality” by Lee Bladon? The book is based on the writings of Laurency.

  13. I’ve just noticed your reference to Lee Bladon’s book near the top of this page so please ignore my previous query.

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